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Video Guide To Alternate Sources Of Making Money With Your Music Skills.



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Most musicians focus on sales from downloads, cd’s, merch and gigs but there are tons of opportunities out there to make money with your music related skills.

I’ll show you where to find these opportunities and how to give yourself the best chance at earning income from them.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Where to find music related freelance work
  • Tips for creating your freelance profile
  • How to create a proposal that gets you hired
  • Effective follow-up strategies
  • How to make yourself more valuable
  • I little used strategy to turn your productions skills into passive income
  • More

When you complete the 4 short, over-my-shoulder videos you will know about where to find alternate sources of income using your music skills.


Check out what one music producer said after taking the course:

"I truly enjoyed your course and I'm thankful you put it out there for a reasonable price too. In one week I got two paid composition/songwriting jobs. No big jobs but I'm happy I got them and that was a very encouraging start!" - Nicolas Kluzek, Music Composer/ Music Producer / Music Teacher

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